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In November 2007, the gtz-Integrated Water Resources Management Project initiated two studies to determine the efficacy of Ceramic Water Filters (Silver Filters) under field conditions in Yemen. One study (Link) involving 90 families was conducted by CARE International in two villages in the province of Mahweet, while the other (Link) was conducted by the Social Fund for Development in 4 villages in the province of Amran and involved 180 families.

The CARE study was conducted internally while the Social Fund for Development worked closely with the Water and Environment Center of the University of Sana'a for study design and analysis, and for water testing with the Sana'a Water and Sanitation Local Corporation, a government utility responsible for the water supply and treatment systems of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen. 

A third brief study, (Link) is an analysis of Silver Filter use in the four villages of Amran one year after the initial study.

The results of all Yemen-based studies prove that despite poor sanitation facilities and a general lack of basic hygiene in rural areas Silver Filters performed exceptionally well and do exactly what they are intended to do, i.e. kill and/or remove bacteria and parasites from contaminated drinking water.


The following are excerpts from an evaluation* conducted for a project wherein villagers adopted Silver Filters for purifying contaminated water. 

Project Target #1: 80% reduction of diarrhea in children under the age of five in households adopting H2O purifying technologies: Project Achievement: 84% reduction = Target exceeded by 4%.

Project Target #2: Thermotolerant coliform (TTC) in household drinking water is reduced to 0 in households adopting purifying technologies: Project achievement: 71% of HH reduced to 0 and a 90% reduction in average bacteria count in all project areas.

*Final Evaluation Improved Health Through Clean Water Project: Funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation through CARE International Yemen, September 2009

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