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Why Silver Filters?

•Every year world-wide there are 1.7 million deaths, mainly children under the age of five, due to diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water.

•Diseases related to inadequate water and sanitation cause an estimated 80% of all illnesses in the developing world.

•In general, Yemen lacks potable water and adequate sanitation facilities. In rural areas only 21.5% of the population has access to safe drinking water and 19.1% have adequate sanitation facilities.

•Yemen's infant and child mortality rates are 71 and 105 deaths per 1000 live births, respectively. Many of these deaths could be prevented if safe drinking water were available.

•Field experience and clinical test results have shown the Silver Filters to effectively eliminate 99.88% of most water-borne disease agents. Silver Filters are nearly 100% effective!

Pilot Project Results in Yemen

•Over a six month period Silver Filters reduced incidents of diarrhea in children and adults by up to 77%
•Silver Filters significantly reduced family health expenditures related to water-borne diseases
•Acceptance rate of Silver Filters among users was very high, around 96%
•Silver Filters drastically improved drinking water quality.

Yemen Silver Filters Salman
Silver Filters purify water collected in cisterns such as this
one in the province of Shawah, Republic of Yemen.

Ceramic Water Filter


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